Monday, July 16, 2007

Hexapad, powerfull hex editor

This application is just hexa- octa- decimal- binary- editor for any files up to 4Gbytes (enumeration can be selected from a range 2..36).

It allows to insert and delete portions of data, not only modify data in-place.

It is possible to search data using regular expressions.

The most interesting feature is Scripting. With it you can write your own calculations or transformations for selected blocks using very simple Basic-like language. Code is pre-translated to some kind of P-code internally, so it is executed sufficiently fast. To get help on the language, press [?] button and brief description for the main rules will be print in the results pane.

Hexapad is Copyrights (C) by Vladimir Kladov
File size with source only 157 KB
Download Hexapad v1.0

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